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Wonder at the Leixões Cruise Terminal in Porto and spot some dolphins!

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Spotting dolphins and greeting cruise ships. Sounds like nice leisure-time activities, right?

Porto, the second biggest city in Portugal, has always been worth a visit. Since the recent opening of the Leixões Cruise Terminal, the city has even more to offer.

You should definitely pay a visit to this shiny Portuguese landmark if:

You like big ships!

Thanks to this new building, the port can now host huge cruise ships up to 300 metres long. Wave at them as they start on their journey across the Atlantic Ocean and we guarantee that at least 1000 hands will wave you back.

You like architecture!

The first thing that strikes you: the stunning shape of the building. The 800 metre long arm of the terminal stretches into the sea and seems to hug the ships. If you enter the building, you’ll see that the tiles on the wall resemble fish scales. The wall is covered with 1 million (literally 1 million!) of them. All placed by hand. What an amazing artisanal work!

You like dolphins!

Sure, everybody likes dolphins. When we visited the terminal, we couldn’t help but stare at the ocean. Suddenly, a group of dolphins appeared in front of our eyes. So beautiful! Keep your eyes open, perhaps they will come back for you!

The modern design, the white surfaces in contrast to the blue sky – the Leixões Cruise Terminal is the perfect background for cool holiday pictures.

Practical Information

The terminal is located in the Matosinhos municipality approximately near the city of Porto (coordinates: 41°10′37.8″N 8°42′7.5″W). From Porto, you can hop on public transport  to take you to the port – if you’re not arriving by a cruise ship, of course!