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Visit the G-spot of Europe, Vilnius

City tips, Taste!

A promotion campaign defined Vilnius as the G-spot of Europe: “nobody knows where it is, but when you find it, it’s amazing.” As weird as this description may sound, it’s not far from reality. From its sexy colourful streets to its provocative baroque old town, visiting Vilnius can be quite… orgasmic! This tolerant and open-minded city was built by the will of gods. As the legend says, Duke Gediminas was successfully hunting one day in the Šventaragis Valley, when he felt really tired and decided to spend the night on a hill. That night, he had a premonitory dream about building a city there. So he did, placing his Castle at the very centre. Today, you can still visit Gediminas’ Tower, the remains of that castle.

After your walk through the city, you must be pretty hungry. For those who love a burst of flavour and energy, we recommend having a healthy salad at popular Mano Guru salad bar. Besides being a salad restaurant, this dining establishment was the first social business in Lithuania: a great restaurant providing a new start in life to former drug/alcohol addicts.

It is the best opportunity for them to be a part of the society again while becoming professional chefs, waiters or bartenders, closely mentored by social workers and psychologists

Practical Information

Gediminas’ Tower is home to  an archeological museum and at the top of the tower an observation deck, though the view is good already from the hill also. Located on the Gediminas hill (coordinates: 54°41′12.12”N, 25°17′26.52″E) it is within walking distance from downtown Vilnius. To get on top of the hill you can choose to take either a path or funicular. More information about opening hours and tickets on the National Museum of Lithuania website.

Mano Guru salad bar servers breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks from morning to evening. Check the menu on their Salotų baras ‘Mano guru’ -page. Find it on Vilniaus gatvė 22/1 (coordinates: 54°41’05.1″N 25°16’46.5″E).