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Visit Santa and his reindeer Rudolf at the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Finland

Time travel, Unforgettable sceneries

If you want to cross that line between real life and a magical world, then you should definitely go to Rovaniemi to visit Santa Claus and his amazing reindeers.

Once you are close to the Arctic Circle a cold breeze tells you that you are about to enter an unknown field. Located in Rovaniemi, this landmark serves as an entrance to the land of the northern lights, huskies and snow. But be quiet! The greatest secret ever revealed is hidden inside of it: Santa Claus Village. Characterised by its red wooden buildings and its bright lights, this nostalgic town takes you back to a childhood full of happy memories, like the ones opening Christmas presents and having hot chocolate. You might even cross the path of the white bearded man who likes to celebrate life by giving everyone a present. Yes guys, we are talking about Santa Claus. Try to ask “Missä on Joulupukki?”(“Where is Santa?”in Finnish)

If you feel like petting some typical Finnish animals, then you must visit Santa Claus’ reindeers at the reindeer park. If you are lucky enough, you will actually see Rudolph!

Enter Santa’s post office, a rustic room full of colourful letters sent by children all over the world. The atmosphere of this place will make you realise that Christmassy love is connecting all of us. Talking about letters: send one to your family from the Artic Pole!

Practical Information

Santa Claus Village (coordinates: 66°32′37″N 25°50′50″E) is located about 8 km northeast of Rovaniemi. Bus connections from the city are available: you can either take Rovaniemi city bus route 8 or Santa’s Express Bus. The timetables are available at Santa Claus Village website. The village is open and Santa himself meets guests on every day of the year!