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Taste the very special sweets of Ustka Café Mistral

City tips, Taste!

The Mistral candy factory is not your usual sweet factory. Once upon a time in Ustka, one of the most popular seaside destinations in Poland, there was a fisherman who wanted to create something new.

Using the healthy Omega 3 fatty acids extracted from his catch, he started producing …sweets! Today you can taste his hard-to-imagine, yet delicious, speciality at the very cosy Café Mistral.

You don’t often get the chance to eat delicious healthy sweets, right? Omega 3 also have anti-inflammatory properties and they reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, so don’t feel guilty!

Taste and take home some special sweets from beautiful Ustka. You might even get the chance to learn how to make the traditional “Krekka Ustecka” yourself!

It was so special for us to see how these Omega 3 sweets had been prepared at Café Mistral.

Practical Information

Café Mistral is located in downtown Ustka at ul. Kaszubska 9 (coordinates: 54°35’05.4″N 16°51’26.1″E). Check Café Mistral’s website for opening hours and menu.