43.6603° N • 7.3611° W

Taste the tradition: visit Burela, Spain


Burela is a small village in the north of Galicia which is specialised in fish. Fresh fish! The fish you find on the Burela Fish Market was swimming in the sea just a few hours ago. Stroll over the rich market, taste some fresh fish, make your mouth water and look forward to your dinner!

Would you love to have food like this at home as well? Burela is not only famous for fishing but it also has a long tradition of seafood canning. This tradition fell asleep for a long time but the company Currimar brought it back to life. Today they preserve local fish and seafood in glass jars. The secret of their quality? They prepare their Conservas Artesanas Currican as if they were meant for their own family dinner!

The fish experts at the Burela Fish Market taught us an important fact: dancing fish is not good! What they meant by this: the fish should be stiff if you want it to be fresh!

Practical Information

The fish market in Burela (coordinates: 43°39’20.5″N 7°21’13.1″W) is located on the southern part of the town within walking distance from the center.

You got a fresh catch from the market? We recommend Pescada en Salsa Verde, check the recipe from here!

In Burela you can visit also Currimar, see their website for opening hours and address. If you can’t make it to Burela this time around, you can also order the taste of Burela to home.