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Take waltz lessons in Vienna, Austria

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“Waltzing feels like riding a wave on a river!” Matthias, our waltz teacher

For Vienna the “Wiener Walzer” is more than a nice dance. It is part of its DNA and that’s why it has been recognised as UNESCO World Heritage. What makes the Wiener Waltz so special? Its fast tempo, its finesse and its certain lightness! There is no other option for you than learning this wonderful dance while being in Vienna. No worries, you will manage to do it! The dance consists of only six steps. We learnt it quickly but to be really good it takes more time. The biggest challenge is the speed. It is fast! And you turn a lot.

Luckily we hadn’t visited Vienna in 1758. That year the waltz got forbidden. Why? First of all: two people being so close to each other…! But the dance really needs this close position for the turnings. It’s physics and centrifugal forces! That’s the second reason that led to prohibition: it was seen as harmful to health because many women felt dizzy after dancing. Lastly, the upper class didn’t like the fact that this dance was so easy to learn. Suddenly dancing was accessible for everybody.

As our teacher said: “Waltz in the end is 1,2,3… 1,2,3!”. So simple but so much fun. We couldn’t stop waltzing. Wherever we found two square meters of space we danced. For you we collected the three secret steps that will make you a waltzing king, too:

  1. Find a good partner!
  2. Enjoy the music!
  3. Speed up!
I made the mistake to pull Suzy. That seems to be like one of the biggest crimes in the world of waltz. So, don’t do it like me, don’t pull her. Never pull!

Practical Information

Many dance schools that offer Viennese waltz classes in Vienna are available online. (If you want to start practicing already at home, you can also look for tutorials online.)

If you want to take part on a real Viennese Waltz Ball, make sure you are in the town between November and March, when the ball season takes place.