51.3124° N • 3.1328° E

Take a picture from the Art Deco pier of Blankenberge, Belgium

City tips

At the Blankenberge beach you can be relaxed when going into the water. Professional eyes will follow you!

Sandy beaches, a famous pier and a very lively nightlife. That’s Blankenberge, one of Belgium’s top seaside resorts. It used to be an exclusive high class destination. But these times are over. Today Blankenberge is welcoming everybody. Especially in summer!

We spent some great time at the beach. One of our highlights: the stunning view from the rooftop of the restaurant on the famous pier. So nice! The pier is built in the art deco style and celebrated its 120th birthday in 2014. It’s definitely a must see! Take the opportunity to walk on it 350 meters into the sea. You can’t get closer to the sea than this!

Wait, actually you can! Take a swim in the sea. No need to be afraid, the lifeguards keep an eye on you. They are well equipped with quad bikes, a jeep and a lifeboat. But you don’t want to try them out, right? So listen to the signs at the beach that warn you from dangers such as stones under the water.

Practical Information

Blankenberge (coordinates: 51°18′N 03°07′E) is located 100 km from Brussels and can be reached from the city with a local train.

The famous “Belgium pier” is easy to spot once on the beach – you don’t need further directions for that!