54.0843° N • 23.0098° E

Take a glass-bottom boat ride to explore Wigry National Park

Get active, Into the wild

Wigry National park has a lot to offer: wild animals (including beavers that transform the landscape by creating dams), traces of 12,000-year old Palaeolithic houses, and the underwater world of Lake Wigry from onboard a glass-bottom boat.

If you are lucky enough you’ll get to meet Maciej, who heads the local Museum. He and his family are committed to protecting the local ecosystems. Through the rounded “windows” of Maciej’s small boat you’ll discover a unique kind of sponge that lives in the shallow parts of the lake – apparently this weird, cute sponge is the living proof that the Lake’s waters are pure.

Try to spot the cormorants – yes, these huge, fish-eating, black birds over there. Weird but true: their faeces (poo!) is slowly causing the whitening, and will ultimately cause the death, of the trees in which these birds build their nests!

Something astonishing about the people who work in this National park, is the respect they show for nature. They don’t want to change it, just learn from it.

Practical Information

To visit Wigry National Park (WNP) (coordinates: 54°00′N 23°03′E) you need a ticket. Tickets are sold at various entry points to the park.

In the WNP you can get around using the almost 240 km of hiking trails, by bicycle, rail or even canoe. Restaurants and traditional culture are also there for you to explore. Get to know the offer on Wigry National Park’s website.

A glass-bottom boat tour is organized by Wigry Museum. To catch a boat, check the cruising times beforehand, but note that it can take only 9 persons at a time.