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Take a carbon-neutral boat tour on the canal in Ghent, Belgium

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Dear Ghent,

The time we spent with you was awesome and we better get straight to the point: we fell in love with you. How can you be so beautiful and welcoming yet not as well-known as your sister Bruges? For us you are the number one. We loved your old buildings, we loved your cobbled streets and we loved your numerous canals. One does not mistake when saying you are the Venice of the North!

This gave us the will to explore your secrets by boat. We wanted to be delicate, that is why, for you, we used new carbon-neutral boats with engines fuelled by solar panels. We had a wonderful time, having a picnic on the boat while enjoying the medieval buildings that stand along your charming streets. Hopefully you enjoyed this cruise as much as we did.

When we thought we knew everything about you, you surprised us even more when you told us that you have the largest car-free city centre in Belgium. Thanks to your effort you will be completely carbon neutral by 2040- You are so impressive. That’s why we can only recommend our followers and readers to experience you in a near future.


Yldau and Fabian

Practical Information

A variety of options to choose your boat company to explore Ghent is available online, but to on board on a carbon-neutral raft as Yldau and Fabian, check out VlotGhent.