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Swim to Rummu Quarry, the hidden former prison surrounded by water in Estonia

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You might be ready for your trip to Estonia, but you certainly haven’t heard of Rummu Quarry. Literally a hidden gem!

The white limestone hills that surround the place already tell you the story behind every single groove: the place is controlled by water that erodes and shapes the land it touches. Protected by barbed wire and enclosing walls, Rummu Quarry looks like it’s hiding something inside it. Just follow the sign posts placed along the way and you’ll arrive at this former Soviet prison built in 1940, now largely underwater. When Estonia gained independence, the place was abandoned and the water that was seeping into the quarry quickly  swallowed the building.

Right after arriving at the spot, climb the highest hill to fully witness the singularity of this place where graffiti, water and the prison are combined together framing the most picturesque yet incredible view you’ll ever see. Don’t forget to catch the moment with your camera because you’re never going to see anything like this again. We suggest you,carefully, swim into the underwater prison . You will see the graffiti-painted interiors of the place.

For an even better experience, take your diving masks with you: you’ll see how nature has changed the current underwater buildings.

Practical Information

The Rummu Quarry (coordinates: 59.225897°N 24.197682°E) can be reached from Tallinn by bus. While the fence is wired, you will find an access point where the wall is partially wrecked.   

Note that Rummu Quarry is an unofficial and unguarded swimming and diving spot. If you decide to to swim at the quarry, be aware and pay attention that sharp and heavy metal objects are found in the bottom of the quarry.