54.4641° N • 17.0285° E

Stroll around Słupsk and spot the extraordinary street art!

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Słupsk is a hidden Polish gem, definitely worth discovering. Go and admire the largest paintings collection of the avant-garde artist Witkacy at the Museum of Middle Pomerania or stare at the neo-gothic town hall. But the main show is on the city walls – street art turned Słupsk into a true masterpiece.  Słupsk’s energetic mayor Robert Biedron invited young artists to paint awesome murals, under the motto “Breaking barriers, connecting generations” – and so it happened!

Another way to get surprised by Słupsk is to go and find the Bears of Happiness. These six multi coloured sculptures made by local artists are scattered around the city centre, and are often located close to some remarkable buildings. They provide an original way to discover the best spots of the city. Today’s bears are inspired by the one and only “Bear of Luck”, an amber figurine carved 3000 years ago that was found in Słupsk around the 19th century. A copy of this lucky bear is waiting for you in the Town Hall. Say hello to him on behalf of the Road Trip travellers!

Practical Information

Słupsk Town Hall (coordinates: 54°27′53″N 17°01′37″E) located on plac Zwycięstwa 3. Open on office hours. (Psst! Rumour has it that the mayor himself can be spotted in the city hall bar on afternoons around 2.00 pm.)