48.4073° N • 9.7835° E

Stop by Blautopf, in Germany, for some stunning blue nature

Unforgettable sceneries

Our first reaction to the Blautopf in Blaubeuren: “Is this even real?”

Yes, it is. Blautopf is super real and super beautiful. This spring is so blue that you’ll wonder if this colour can really exist in nature. The Blautopf (in English “The blue pot”) is the second biggest Karstic spring in Germany. A karstic spring is the end of a water-filled cave system where the water is pushed out from the underground. The cave system that feeds Blautopf is located under the mountains where huge amounts of water are collected. Whenever it rains or snows there is more water in the cave system. That’s why the appearance of Blautopf depends on the weather. A place to visit at all times!

But why is Blautopf so blue? The legend says that every day someone puts a cup of ink in it. Mhm… okay. Maybe! More likely the blue results from a special light diffusion. You can spot the same effect in another part of Europe: the Blue Lagoons in Iceland. In the same vein, you can check the Blue Cave, in Croatia, spotted by the Road Trip Project along the Mediterranean route!

There's a webcam right on top of the Blautopf that allows you to get a glimpse of the current appearance of this beautiful spot online!

Practical Information

The Blautopf (coordinates: 48°24′57″N 9°47′02″E) is located in the city of Blaubeuren, 16 km west of Ulm. Once there, you can’t really miss it.

No swimming gear needed – namely swimming is not allowed in the Blautopf.