43.0602° N • 16.1829° E

Spot the dreamlike Blue Cave and taste some carob in Vis Island, Croatia

Into the wild, Taste!, Unforgettable sceneries

You want to eat good fresh food, to relax and to feel far away from the modern, fast-moving world? Then Vis Island is the place you need!

Blue cave

Vis will give you the impression of coming straight from a picture book: beautiful beaches, vast vineyards, and tiny pretty villages. When we arrived there by ferry at night, we couldn’t see much, but we instantly felt the peacefulness of this island. The next day, in bright daylight, we saw the island in all its charm!

This sunny island is the perfect place for growing plants like carob. Have you ever heard of it? This plant is part of the natural vegetation on Vis and it has saved the country from famish two times already. You can use the mild, sweet carob as a powder, in a cake or as a liquor. It’s up to you, carob can be everything. What a superfood!

If, after eating, you want to discover more, we suggest you catch a boat ride to Biševo Island, which hosts the so-called blue caves.

What makes the blue caves blue? As the light gets into the cave through the stone walls, the water reflection makes it look blue. The final effect is just magical! Bear in mind though, you’re not allowed to swim in there!

Are you ready to discover Vis Island and the blue cave? Be clever and follow our pro-tips:

Pro tip 1: Be there during low season to avoid the queue to enter the caves!
Pro tip 2: Plan your visit around 11, that’s when the lights are the strongest and the blue effect is the most stunning.

Vis is also a swimming paradise. The water is turquoise, crystal clear and inviting. (Be aware of the sea urchins, though)

Practical Information

Vis (coordinates: 43°02′N 16°09′E) can be reached by ferry from Split (Croatia mainland) and from ports of the nearby islands. Information about ferries is available online.

The most known sight on the island of Biševo (coordinates 42°58′N 16°0′E) is the Blue Cave, Blue Grotto. Public is not allowed to enter the cave independently but rather only on official boats. Tickets can be bought on the island of Biševo or you can consider organized tour for example from Vis or Split.