60.1454° N • 24.9881° E

Spot the colourful vintage buildings around Suomenlinna

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Suomenlinna, a 20 minute ferry ride from Helsinki, is a completely different world – and you’ll sense it straight away.

First built by the swedes in the mid-18th century, then taken over and further developed by Russia in the 19th century, and finally transferred under the administration of the Finnish government in 1918, Suomenlinna embodies the history of powers in Finland during the last 400 years.

The history is evident when you explore the dark, humid tunnels, the old military barracks, but also the adorable wooden houses where people still live today.

Walk around the southernmost island on top of the fortifications. While the view of the sea is amazing, take a look inland as well! If you look close enough, you’ll spot the Hobitti hills. Not all of them have trees growing on them, can you spot our favourite hill?

We recommend you do it like the locals – pack your picnic basket full, grab your swim gear, maybe some board games or a book and enjoy the atmosphere for the whole day!

Practical Information

Catch a ferry to Suomenlinna (coordinates: 60°0837”N 24°5904”E) from the Helsinki market square (during the summer season also a water bus service is available).

The Helsinki Region Transport Authority (HSL) operates the ferry service and all HSL tickets are accepted (check your pockets!). The tickets must be bought before boarding on the ferry. Check the timetable from the HSL Journey planner. To plan your visit read more about the activities at Suomenlinna website.