47.9522° N • 8.4979° E

Roll down the colourful streets of Donaueschingen, Germany

City tips, Unforgettable sceneries

You are a skater girl or boy? Or you are not at all but you are brave and not afraid of falling?

Then the streets of Donaueschingen are yours!

Donaueschingen is the birthplace of the Danube and the place where we want to spend our old days. If the city was a human, you would love to hug it all day long. That’s how cute it is. You will see pretty houses in rococo and baroque style and you will fall in love with Karlstraße: after a big fire in 1908 the new buildings in the street were built in the art nouveau style.

Thanks to its hilly but not steep terrain the city was a paradise for us and our skateboards. We rolled down the streets while enjoying the surrounding.

While rolling down these pretty streets I felt like in a dream. So pretty! Donaueschingen, I will be back!

Practical Information

Karlstraße (coordinates: 47°57’10.4″N 8°29’56.6″E) is located right in the heart of Donaueschingen.