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Take a nighttime walk around Riga’s old town.

City tips

You should absolutely get lost at night in Riga to perceive how the colourful street lights and the night vibes change your perspective about this lovely capital city.

Head to Riga’s old town to get a taste of the multicultural traditions of the country. Look up to admire the old mansions with wooden framework and the art nouveau architecture buildings around the city.

While hanging out, you’ll notice that Latvian runes are sold as souvenirs. Latvian runes are timeless symbols used as ornaments on textiles, metal, ceramics, wood and other materials. The story behind the runes dates back to the times when Riga was a Viking trading centre at the beginning of the Dark Ages and inhabitants believed in Norse mythology. To protect themselves from evil and to bring luck to their lives, they used to have these runes painted on their textiles and on other everyday objects.

Another tip to get to know Riga’s nightlife: go to the bohemian Kanepes Kulturas Centr!

I was so by inspired by Latvian runes that I followed the example of locals and I had a rune tattooed!

Practical Information

Kanepes Kulturas Centr provides a varied and interesting cultural programme right in the centre of Riga throughout the year. Check on their website for the programme for the days you are visiting!