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Rent a party boat at Budapest’s city park

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Floating living-rooms, enchanted castles and white swans: just an ordinary day in Budapest.

Welcome to the City Park of Budapest. One of the first public parks in the world that was opened to give the citizens a green space to relax and entertain. Besides the green there is also some blue: a pretty lake that you can discover by boat. In our case: by party boat! The party boats can be rented and come with a palm tree (ok… it’s plastic!) and a sofa. Instead of party-like we found them really homely. You can imagine the situation like this: we were sitting on our sofa in the living room and suddenly the whole room started to float on a lake. Most ordinary thing in the world, right?

Floating on our sofa we saw not only nice nature but also a dream-like building passing by: the Vajdahunyad Castle. They built it in 1896 for the Millennial Exhibition. It was supposed to be temporary, so it was built with cardboard and wood. But 122 years… that’s not temporary? True! Everybody liked this building so much that it was rebuilt in brick (that lasts until today). You need more enchantment for your trip? If you are lucky, your floating living-room will be accompanied by swans. Don’t get too close to them or they will show you who owns this lake!

You will visit Budapest in winter and now you are sad that you will miss the party aka living-room boat? No worries. When the lake freezes, it becomes Central Europe’s largest outdoor ice skating rink. Sounds fun as well, right?

Combine your boat trip with a ride on the oldest metro on the European mainland. Take the M1 (better known as “Földalatti”) and get off at Heroes’ Square (Hősök tere)!

Practical Information

Located on the Pest side of Budapest you can easily get to the City Park of Budapest by taking the Millennium Underground (M1).

During the summer the boats can be rented right next to the Hero’s square, on the south side of the bridge crossing the lake. While some boats might require pedalling, in which case you can forget the couch, we recommend you to use the code word “party” for a truly relaxing time.    

For ice-skaters: to ice-skate on the rink you will need to buy a ticket by the cashier upon arrival. Skates can be rented on spot, but remember to take warm socks with you to make the fun last for longer.