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Reflect on peace and on the importance of remembering history

Time travel

Marzabotto is not a pleasant place to visit – but it is a place one has to  visit.

In 1944 Marzabotto was the site of Second World War’s largest civilian massacre in Western Europe. Nowadays, the memorial place is a small hill with some ruins and a plaque that shows the number of victims. Without knowing the history of the place, you’d only notice the nice view from the hill. Knowing that hundreds of people have been killed there will make you realise that peace cannot be taken for granted.

That’s why today, 75 years after the massacre, this place has a new crucial role: to promote peace and to remind people of times when it was absent. Learn more about peaceful co-existence in the neighbouring Monte Sole Peace School.

Instead of trying to hide history, people need to acknowledge it. People need to find peace with it and learn something out of it.

Practical Information

Monte Sole Historical Park (coordinates: 44°18′37″N 11°13′11″E) is located in town of Marzabotto, part of the Metropolitan city of Bologna. Bus connection from Bologna is available. The park is open at anytime and the entrance to the park is free.

If you are part of a small or a big group and would like to learn more about the history of the site and peace in the form of guided tour or an experience such as a workshop, it is possible to book half a day or a day with Monte Sole Peace School. Please fill the form on the schools’ website for more information.