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Reach the widest point of the Danube River

Unforgettable sceneries

How would you react if someone promises you a river but then it looks like a lake?

What we thought when we saw the widest point of the Danube: “Wait… this is not a river. It’s a massive lake!”. Nope. It’s a river. It’s still the Danube, only so much bigger than we have seen it until this point. After travelling along the Danube for three weeks already we really thought we had seen it in every shape. This river knows how to surprise us!

From one river bank to the other the distance is 6.5 km. We had a look at it from the top of the Golubac Fortress and had troubles to recognise our Danube as we knew it! We also explored this massive part of the river by boat and went further to the narrowest point of the Danube (170 m.). Despite their huge difference they are almost next to each other. Nature has some crazy ideas!

Practical Information

The Golubac Fortress is located in the Braničevo District of north-eastern Serbia (coordinates: 44.660717°N 21.677914°E). To get there catch a bus from Belgrade for example. If you want to experience the width on board, check out boat tours along the Danube river.

Another possibility is to get an amazing view over the narrowest and widest points is from the Đerdap national park (coordinates: 44°31’39.5″N 21°58’49.0″E).