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Reach for the stars at the National Observatory in Athens, Greece

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Past. Future. Present. In Athens you can experience it all.

Athens is always worth a visit. Traditional cafes, old streets and signs of the city’s immense history as far as the eye can see.

Let’s get back to the roots. Climb on the Hill of the Nymphs in the centre of Athens. Enjoy the incredible view above the Athenian sky while feeling like an ancient hero on top of the world. The beautiful view of the city, the infinite Mediterranean Sea and the Acropolis will make you feel like staying forever.

You want to climb higher and be amongst the stars? Then don’t miss the National Observatory. Have a look through the telescope, the beauty of the stars will definitely hit you. And let’s be honest: having a look into the universe at the cradle of civilisation – could traveling get any deeper than this?

You prefer to look into the future? Then get in touch with the Impact Hub, a social enterprise that strives to inspire the community in order to shape a more sustainable future in Athens. Get creative!

Did you know that the Hill of Nymphs is a popular place to take your date? How do we know this? Our travellers MIGHT have tried it out when he was younger... ;)

Practical Information

National Observatory, located on the Hill of the Nymphs (Coordinates: 37°58′24.2″N 23°43′5.6″E). To visit the national observatory see more information on their website.

Impact Hub is located all around Europe: if you need a place to work and get inspired by other professionals, check out the Impact Hub website! They also organise interesting events!