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Play the tourist: visit the Golubac Fortress, Serbia

Time travel, Unforgettable sceneries

Observe the narrowest and the widest point of the Danube and protect your fortress!

In Serbia we played tourists (or actually we just were ourselves) and strolled around the Golubac Fortress. This fortress is located on steep cliffs above the Danube’s widest section. Smart position to observe enemies and to protect the city! The Danube was the borderline between empires, kingdoms and countries, so there has been a lot to observe and protect during the fortress’ 700 years of History.

The reconstruction works on the fortress are almost finished and most of the fortress’ glory is back. Inside of its thick stone walls it protects a small medieval city. Although the fortress has been won many times, its walls stood proudly intact. The ten towers between the walls allow an even better view on the surrounding and the Iron Gate.

The Iron Gate is the narrowest point of the Danube. There, the river floats through a canyon and has a width of only 170 meters. From there it is super close to the widest part of the Danube. So you can visit two Danube highlights on one day. Crazy nature!

At the end of our visit we got hit by a thunderstorm that cut off our phone and internet access. But we are real explorers and knew what to do: we spotted our next destination from the cliffs and drove there with the help of natural navigation – the stars, the sun and moss in the forests! - ok fine, part of this story might be fictional

Practical Information

The Golubac Fortress is located in the Braničevo District of north-eastern Serbia (coordinates: 44.660717°N 21.677914°E). It is 130 km from Belgrade from where you can catch a bus to the fortress. Busses are available from other towns in Serbia as well. Another option is a boat, obviously! (For boat tours check available options online.)