57.2363° N • 25.0381° E

Play the spy at the former top-secret Soviet bunker in Līgatne, Latvia

Time travel

Are you an espionage film lover? Then you’ll love having a real-life secret agent experience at the Līgatne Soviet Bunker  .

You may have watched some Cold War-inspired movies a hundred of times, but visiting the Soviet Bunker will be a completely unexpected discovery. Hidden under the coded name “Rest Home”, this place looks like a vintage but ordinary medical complex specialised in treating people suffering from arthritis. However, don’t let your senses fool you: after coming down a few steps and unlatching an impressive iron door, you’ll start the incredible journey into its secret past!

It all starts as a regular tour, but if you’re lucky enough to visit the place with Oskars, our incredible guide for the day, you’ll quickly feel like you’ve been thrown back to the Cold War years. Walking around this 2000m2 maze, with its metal tunnels, will make you feel disoriented which is somehow part of the experience.

Make sure you visit the “Telecommunications Room”, fully equipped with the finest soviet telephones and radios used to intercept state secrets, and the “Situation Room” decorated with authentic world maps of strategic hideouts and hidden soviet bases.

To mark the end of your tour, try some pickled cucumber (typical of Soviet times!) and have a toast saying “Nazdarovie” (“Cheers” in Russian)!

Practical Information

Hidden in the Gauja National Park, the Līgatne Bunker, or “Vacation Hotel”, is located 4 km from the town of Līgatne, 75 km/an hour drive away from Riga (the secret coordinates: 57°25’62”N 25°06’87”E). Visits are possible only as part of a guided tour, which can be booked through the Bunker’s website. An entrance fee applies.