43.9962° N • 22.8679° E

Pay a visit to The Bridge Fest in Vidin, Bulgaria

Creative vibes, Party

You need some inspiration to let out your creative energy? Get inspired in Vidin!

The Bridge is a Youth Arts Festival, held in Vidin. Each summer for one week the festival fills the streets with positive vibes. We could witness this when we were welcomed with a spontaneous dancing party. During the festival week young people between 14 and 21 can come together to improve their skills in different workshops and to share their stories. We are so happy we were in Vidin at the perfect time!

What impressed us the most? The young artists giving the workshops. They have experience and deep knowledge in their fields and want to share this with others – on a voluntarily base! “Young people inspire young people”, that’s the bridge that the festival builds between inspiring people and young people who need inspiration. We love this concept! Each year there are different workshops, divided into several main categories – music, visual arts and movement.

This festival has such a good and easy approach. We could definitely feel the good vibes of it throughout the whole city!

Practical Information

The Bridge festival is organised yearly during the summer in the city of Vidin, Bulgaria (Vidin coordinates: 44°00′N 22°52′E). Check the programme at the festival’s website and stay updated through their Facebook page.