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Oh my GOLD! Turn into a mosaic artist in Ravenna, Italy

Time travel, Creative vibes

What did we know about mosaic before visiting Ravenna? “It’s this… colourful tiny bits, and you make art with them. Isn’t it?” What did Ravenna teach us? “Mosaic Art is an incredible handcraft.”

Ravenna, once the capital of the Byzantine Empire, is now the capital of mosaics. Thanks to its historical importance, Ravenna hosts eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And they all (surprise surprise!) contain mosaics. Visit them and pay attention to the details and whenever you wonder if it’s real gold that was used for the mosaics, the answer is: yes it is!

In Ravenna the tradition of mosaic making is not only kept alive but is also translated into modern art. Visit the gallery and workshop of Koko Mosaico (on Via Roma Street) and have a look at contemporary mosaics. We wanted to have them all and hang them in our homes. So beautiful!

Good news! You can become a mosaic artist too! Visit Anna Fietta in her Mosaic Experience Lab. There you will learn the Mosaic technique and you’ll get the chance to create your own masterpiece. But give yourself some time – you know what they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Practical Information

To become a mosaic artist like Luisa and Louis you can visit Mosaic Experience Lab or Koko Mosaico (or both!). These are however only two examples of mosaic workshops in Ravenna, many more are available online, just have a look!