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Meet your artistic ancestors in the Lascaux caves, France

Time travel, Unforgettable sceneries

Do you like walking through forests? Have you ever been lucky enough to find something more there than wild berries or chestnuts? An underground cave for example with over 17.000 year old drawings?

The caves of Lascaux were discovered in 1940 by four teenagers playing in the forest. Inside they saw the impressive drawings and knew that they had just discovered a real treasure. The drawings date back to 17.000 years ago.

The caves you will visit today are not the original ones but a replica. A very authentic replica! It was cold and dark inside, and all sounds were muffled, so it didn’t destroy the illusion. Why can’t the original caves be visited? Because of breathing tourists! The carbon monoxide was destroying the wall paintings, so they closed the original caves to the public and rebuilt them in perfection. How many different drawn animals can you spot? Look out for wild horses, deers, a bear, a bull that is more than five metres high, ibexes, cattle, cows and bisons!

After having visited the caves, the full Lascaux experience just starts. In the multimedia museum you can try out your own archaeological skills, create your own murals and get all your remaining questions answered. Also, don’t miss the 3D cinema! The film “Lascaux and the World” will bring you even closer to the murals than reality could ever do.

Travelling from Athens, the birthplace of democracy all the way to Lascaux, a cradle of humanity, was a crazy ride. According to that we were emotional when we visited the caves and really enjoyed to discover this present from history.

Practical Information

To prepare and plan your visit to the Lascaux caves (coordinates: 45°03′13″N 1°10′12″E) visit the visitor center’s website, from where you’ll find information about how to get there, opening hours and you can even book you tickets beforehand.