58.5794° N • 23.2669° E

Master horse-riding and trot around Muhu Island, Estonia

Get active, Into the wild, Unforgettable sceneries

When you visit Muhu, our best advice is to try horseback riding, and feel like a real adventurer!

The 3rd biggest island in Estonia is a rustic and vintage-styled island, offering a wide range of activities, from swimming in crystal clear water s, listening to mesmerising legends, or visiting an unusual ostrich farm.

No doubt that Muhu will make you feel more connected to nature than ever. This is when horseback riding at the “Tihuse horse-riding farm” comes into play, an energetic activity that will leave you exhausted and happy. Enjoy the freedom of riding through mysterious forests, try galloping to feel the wind in your hair, but be careful not to hit those low-hanging branches! What an awesome experience to live with your family or friends!

A little suggestion: at night, head outside, put a blanket on the grass and grab a drink. Prepare your wishes because the night of shooting stars is about to start!

Practical Information

Muhu Island (coordinates: 58°36′N 23°15′E) is well connected with a ferry service between Virtsu on the mainland and Kuivastu on Muhu. While reservation is not required for the ferry, it is highly recommended, especially during weekends. On the island you can easily move around with a bus.

Tihuse Horse Riding Farm (coordinates: 58°36’40.0″N 23°18’42.3″E) offers in addition to horseback riding also accommodation. No prior experience is needed for riding the horses as you will be accompanied by a guide – for those with more experience, longer and more demanding routes are offered. Find more information about the services on their website.

Muhu Ostrichts Farm (coordinates: 58°35’16.8″N 23°09’22.5″E) is open only during the summer. To make sure they are open, check their website.