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Learn how to properly taste wine in Bordeaux

City tips, Taste!

We all went to school, but have you ever been to a wine school?

Bordeaux, the city of wine. Thanks to its climate and soil, every year 800 million bottles of wine are produced in the area. It’s no surprise, looking at the 120,000 hectares of vineyards which, by the way, are also a nice spot for a walk!

For obvious reasons, Bordeaux is the perfect location for a wine school. At the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ISVV) the lessons are all about red, white, and rosé. Does that sound tasty? It is tasty! ISVV is not only a school, but a research institute that looks for example at the future of wine-making, especially now, that consumers pay more attention to environment-friendly production and additive-free products. So what’s the wine of the future going to be like? Organic, with stable production costs.

In partnership with the Cité du Vin Wine Museum ISVV shares its knowledge with the public. You too can take part in their workshops, lectures and tasting sessions. SANTE! (cheers in French)!

Practical Information

To organize a visit and choose what to do of the various possibilities at La Cité du Vin (coordinates: 44°51′45″N 0°33′01″W) refer to the museum’s website.