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Learn about Solidarity in Gdansk

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Gdansk is an important city in human history because the electrician Lech Wałęsa together with other workers founded Solidarity in its shipyard in 1980. Solidarity was an anti-Soviet social movement that advocated for workers’ rights and social change by using methods of peaceful civil resistance. This movement not only fought against Communism, but it also inspired other countries of the Eastern bloc (such as Hungary or Czechia) to carry out anti-communist revolutions, leading to the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1990.

While in Gdansk, visiting the European Solidarity Centre is a must to know more about this movement and maybe cross paths with Lech Walesa, the man who changed history!

This building was created not only to maintain the heritage and message of the Solidarity movement, but also to value freedom, justice and democracy (which should never be taken for granted), and to take active part in making Europe and the world a better place. The main goal behind this construction was to spread the idea of solidarity. The project “Solidarity here and now” says it all: it is about helping refugees to find a place to live and share experiences.

After your visit to the Solidarity centre, enjoy the rest of Gdansk – a great city. Our tip to experience it with a difference:  rent a kayak along the Motlawa river and explore the city from the water!

Explore Gdansk, the city of Solidarity!

It’s impressive to think that this small fairy-tale city has been part of human history in such way! Besides, Solidarity movement shows that no matter how difficult a situation is, there is always hope to fight for our rights and for what we deserve.

Practical Information

The European Solidarity Center (coordinates: 54°21′40″N 18°38′57″E) is easily reachable from downtown Gdansk by public transport, if not by walking. The centre has summer and winter opening hours.

It is worth noting that the exhibition is not open on Tuesdays during the winter season. The tickets can be bought online and on the spot. (If you are under 26 and a student, remember your student card for a discount.)

The viewing deck on top of the building provides an excellent view over the shipyards and the city of Gdansk, and is free of charge. All information is available on the ESC-website.