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Jump on a driverless bus in Helsinki, Finland

On the move

What is the cute little cubicle driving independently in Helsinki? It’s A RoboBus. It’s THE future.

The RoboBus is part of Finland’s wide shared city development strategy that aims at – among other things – providing smart, environmentally-friendly public transport that would reduce the need for private cars – or even eliminate it completely. It’s one of the world’s first self-driving public transport vehicles with passengers, tested in real traffic!

The RoboBus operates currently on the line 94R as part of the Helsinki metropolitan public transport system. (Yes, the R stands for robot.) The bus can take up to 8 passengers. Instead of the driver, pedals or the steering wheel, it operates using sensors and software. It made us think of game consoles!

It feels super weird being in the traffic without a driver! It was good to have a kind of a supervisor on board with us ready to hit a red “stop” button in the case of an emergency.

Practical Information

Find the route and timetable of the 94R, the RoboBus, from the Helsinki Region Transport authority’s HSL Journey planner. Currently it is free to jump on and operates during the summer season. Please note that in case of hard wind or rain it cannot operate.