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Jump from Estonia to Latvia in the twin cities of Valga and Valka

City tips

When you travel, you can visit touristy places or you can opt for something completely new and unexpected.

At first, Valka and Valga look like ordinary places, but these twin cities have an incredible past. Originally unified and called “Walk”, the town was divided in 2 parts (Valga on the Estonian side and Valka on the Latvian side) at the beginning of the 20th century, when Estonia and Latvia gained their first independence. Back then, the river was used as a border between Latvia and Estonia, dividing “Walk” in half. After that, the two cities were reunited under the Soviet Union.

Today Valga and Valka are twin cities, peacefully and closely connected on both sides of the border between Estonia and Latvia. Since the Schengen Agreement came into force, the border crossing points were removed, allowing the twin cities to be united again.

A little tip when you travel to the twin cities: try to find the former crossing points between Estonia and Latvia. You will recognise them by the white and black striped posts.

We also suggest you go for a walk along the Pedeli Light Traffic Trail, located parallel to the Pedeli river. Once there, you will notice that you are crossing both countries without even realising it!

Practical Information

Pedeli light traffic trail runs parallel to the Pedeli river at the heart of the Valka-Valga twin city. The trail is 5 km long and you can enjoy it by walking, cycling and roller-skating or roller-skiing.