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Cycle along the Iron Curtain Trail by the Baltic Sea

On the move, Time travel


Cycling into the wind of history: this is what the Iron Curtain Trail will offer you. Luckily the Iron curtain went rusty and collapsed but remembering the not-so-distant past when this political, ideological and physical barrier divided Europe, is still relevant.

The “Iron Curtain Trail” was developed to preserve our collective memory. Its route (6800 km) follows the former border between the Western world and the Soviet Block, from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. It crosses unique natural landscapes (wild forest, lakes) and uncommon wildlife.

The long-time isolation of the area contributed to keeping the natural environment untouched. We only cycled for a few hours near and along the Baltic Coast in Poland, but we can only recommend exploring the trail, which combines the pleasure of cycling and of “experiencing history”.

Practical Information

Iron Curtain Trail is part of EuroVelo network of long-distance bicycle routes across Europe. From the Barents Sea to the Black Sea, crossing over 20 countries, the route runs along the entire length of the former Iron Curtain. To plan your trip visit EuroVelo website.