53.0548° N • 4.7977° E

Hop on Texel Island

Get active, Into the wild, Relax, Unforgettable sceneries

Texel Island is a small paradise. Actually, there is nothing more to add to this, but to stimulate your imagination, we will try to!

Texel is part of the West Frisian Islands and it is the biggest Wadden island in the Netherlands. From the mainland you can reach the island within just 20 minutes by boat. Welcome to natural beauty! The nature on the island is impressive: 30 km of beaches, forests, dunes, many kinds of birds and even seals. The Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For a reason!

When we were on this island, we immediately understood that this sensitive natural beauty has to be protected. At the moment, Texel Island hosts the TOPIOS (Tracking Of Plastic In Our Seas) research project. Young oceanographers from the University of Utrecht work on a 3D map of marine litter. They want to find out where the trash goes into the sea. Does it end up at the beaches, in the fishes or on the sea floor? The idea behind: when you know where the trash is you can put the effort into the right place to clean it up. Less trash in the sea? We are absolutely in!

High-tide and low-tide change every 6 hours and 12 minutes, so be careful while walking barefoot in the nice mud flats!

Practical Information

Texel is accessible by a ferry service from Den Helder on the mainland. While cars are allowed on the island and can be carried on by the ferry we recommend you to rent a bicycle and explore the island and its forests and dunes and beaches by cycling instead. Fresh air guaranteed!