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Have a pint of artisanal Lappish beer at the Tornion Panimo Brewery

City tips, Taste!

If you want to get a taste of local Finnish culture, you’d better visit the Tornion Panimo Brewery.

Tornion Panimo isn’t only a brand new and hip microbrewery run by young, cool guys. It’s also part of a much bigger story about Lappish persistence (or sisu in Finnish), which goes as far back as 1873.

As the first brewery in its region, Tornion Panimo is being looked at with pride. It survived the First and Second World War, and prohibition times.  The brewery struck gold in the 1960s with the Lapin Kulta (Lapland’s gold), which became the favorite beer of the Finns.

Today, the beers are brewed using local ingredients, traditional and craft methods, stirred with a hint of patience. And let us assure you that you can taste it!  

The brewery is part of a larger entertainment complex which includes a restaurant and a concert hall. But you can also test out your mystery-solving skills at their escape room and go wild at the Duudson activity park!

We were super excited to have our own Road Trip beer to share with the people we met on the Baltic road! Because it’s best when shared, right?

Practical Information

Tornion Panimo is located in downtown Tornio about a kilometre away from Haaparanda, Sweden (coordinates: 65°51’05.3″N 24°09’04.6″E). The products are sold in the factory shop as well as in the stores around Finland. Tours are organised on demand. Contact details and opening hours are available at Tornio Brewery’s website.

Read more about the facilities and activities at the entertainment factory Lappari on their website.