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Grab a bike and cycle to Szentendre, Hungary

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Whenever we had crazy hot days, we were going on bike rides. Kind of our Road Trip tradition. This time on the EuroVelo 6. It covers ten countries since it stretches from France’s Atlantic coast all the way to the Black Sea.

We hopped on our bikes in Nagymaros. Across the river we spotted Visegrád Castle. You must have a crazy view from up there. Try it out and tell us if our guess is right! We stayed on our Danube side until Vác where we took the ferry to Tahitótfalu on the other riverside. There we continued along the water until we reached our personal highlight: Szentendre.

Oh, Szentendre, you pleasant baroque town! We loved it so much there. In every cobbled street we found art galleries, museums and restaurants. And in some of them we also found one of the town’s seven church towers. Four of them are owned by the Serbian church. Serbian influences can be found everywhere because of Serbian citizens who flew to Szentendre from a Turkish invasion in the 17th century. The people there were really kind. We didn’t want to leave but our bikes were waiting for us.  

Close to the teeny-weeny Lupa Island we crossed a kind of mangrove forest, where we got stuck and had to lift our bikes over obstacles. But we managed and could continue along the “Roman Beach” where open-air baths, bars and restaurant attract the locals – and us! After this long trip, we more than deserved a well-deserved rest at our final destination: Fellini Római kultúrbisztró. A bar at the water with a lovely retro-charm.

In Szentendre Ilona, the owner of a shop offered me a lucky charm. It is the only thing you can’t buy for yourself but have to offer to someone. There is a nut in it that promises me a long life (like a tree) and makes me strong (like a shell). And it reminds me to eat one nut every day – it’s good for my health! There is also a tiny baby doll in it that stands for the new possibilities in life and decoration, representing the circle of life.

Practical Information

The cycling route from Nagymaros (coordinates: 47.79064°N 18.95647°E) to Szentendre (coordinates: 47.70440°N 19.06858°E) is approximately 35 km. The bicycle route, part of EuroVelo 6,  runs along the Szentendrei stream of Danube. You can find the precise route online.

Visegrád Castle (coordinates: 47°47’39.1″N 18°58’48.3″E) if you’re up for an extra hike up to check the (what we believe to be amazing) views from the castle check the website for opening hours. There is an entry fee to enter the castle.

Fellini Római kultúrbisztró (coordinates: 47°34’37.7″N 19°03’56.9″E) is located between Budapest and Szentendre. To get there you can continue with the cycle or take the local transport, from either of the cities. Note that the kultúrbisztró is open only during the summer season, check their opening times from their website.