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Go for a tasty tour in the EU capital

City tips, Taste!

When in Brussels, two things come to mind: waffles and big politics. You should have a closer look at both of them!

There is a public (and free!) tour that brings you into the plenary of the European Parliament. Grab a multimedia guide and stroll around the building. Try to find out if there are enough chairs for the 751 members of the European Parliament. You can even attend a plenary session. Check the website for available time slots!

After all the seriousness, visit the Grand Place and get stunned by its golden beauty! It’s lovely to look at when the sun is shining. So much gold! Only a few streets away, you’ll find the symbol of the city: the Manneken Pis. Yes, exactly, it’s a kid having a pee! Go on a hunt for his less famous sister Jeanneke Pis and his dog Zinneke Pis, and ask locals to tell you the story behind these funny sculptures!

At some point during your city exploration, you’ll be attracted by an irresistible smell coming from the waffle stands. It’s time to eat! You’ll have to make a difficult choice: should you go for a cream & banana waffle, for a chocolate & nuts waffle, or for a cherry & caramel waffle? Choose wisely!