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Go for a relaxing solar boat ride on Prespes lakes

On the move, Unforgettable sceneries

Cows grazing, lakes shining and boats driving silently. Welcome to Prespes Lakes, welcome to the Green Boats.

The wonderful nature of Prespes Lakes is shared by three countries: Greece, Albania and North Macedonia. They share a common goal: promoting eco-friendly tourism in this habitat of many species. Therefore two municipalities in Greece and Albania have cooperated and bought solar boats. Try them out!

The Green Boats give you the opportunity to enjoy a noiseless ride, for example to Agios Achillios island. Try to spot pelicans during the ride. They can live there because they don’t feel disturbed by the silent boats.

On the island, time seems to have stopped. Old fishermen’s houses, chicken walking around and a stunning views over the untouched environment. Maybe you will be lucky enough to meet one of the few inhabitants living on the island. But for sure you will meet some of the cows that graze on the little green hill where you also find the old Agios Achillios basilica.

Our green hearts beat when we think of the boats. Yours as well?

Whenever someone asks us for the best moment during our trip, we will mention our lunch in Psarades, next to the Prespes Lakes. This landscape, this food, this hospitality. Why can’t time stand still sometimes?

Practical Information

To arrange a tour on a Green Boat contact municipality of Prespes (Greece) at least a week before the planned tour. There are two boats that can take up to 7 persons each. Larger tours will have to make to tour in turns. Two tours are offered shorter of 1 hour and longer of 2 hours. Please note that in case of heavy wind the tours cannot be run. See contact details of the municipality of Prespes on the Green Boat –website.