45.1716° N • 28.7914° E

Go for a digital detox in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

Into the wild, Unforgettable sceneries

Turn off your phone, like this you can hear and see birds that you might never see again

The Danube-Delta-Biosphere-Reserve is the largest wetland of Europe and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. When you are there, go on a boat ride to see the reserve’s lakes, channels, streamlets and floating reed islands. And of course to see some of the rare birds that it hosts! Luckily we had our guide Daniel with us. He knows basically everything about birds and he spots them no matter where they hide. We totally didn’t expect to see as many birds as we did this day!

Whenever we went into the nature during our trip, people told us about the white-tailed eagle. We never spotted him during the whole trip. So we thought that it was just a legend. Finally this day we were lucky. He flew right above us. Later on, a shy little kingfisher with a nice green and blue head crossed our way as well as a little bittern. On top of that, we spotted a pelican, a night heron, a squacco heron (with his tiny mohawk) and a big family of pygmy cormorants. Thanks to Daniel and his superhero eyes!

What we saw this day was just incredible! The Delta hosts over 300 different kinds of birds. Although we saw many of them already, we have to come back. We would love to see the ones who didn’t want to be seen on that day.

Our favourite was the night heron. Such a smart guy! Using a tool is not common among birds. But he does it. We saw him using a feather to make waves in the water in order to attract fishes. That’s genius!

Practical Information

A good base-camp to explore the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (coordinates: 45°5′0″N 29°30′0″E)  is the city of Tulcea in Romania. A range of tours with a guide are offered, but it is worth to do some research online first. You can also visit the reserve independently.

To enter the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve visitors need a permit. The permits can bought from the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration (ARBDD) and from travel agencies and hotels – and usually included in the price of the tour if you are taking one.

If you have more time, you might want to consider staying here, instead of a day, two or three days! (And in this case explore the camping and floating hotel options!)