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Go back in time at the Lidzbark Warminski castle

Time travel

Feeling like you belong to a different era? Then you might find your new home at the Lidzbark Warminski castle.

Visiting this magnificent Gothic Castle feels like a role play game. The big difference is that you can dress up in Medieval costumes for the occasion!

Experience the Middle Ages while moving around this remarkably well-preserved building from the 14th century. The castle was conquered by Teutonic Knights and changed owners several times, until it was chosen as the seat for the bishops of Warmia (hence the role played by Achilleas in the pictures).  Back then, the castle was considered a rich centre of faith and culture known as the “Pearl of Warmia”.

When wearing the bishop clothes, I felt so powerful. I would love to wear them every day!

Practical Information

Castle of Warmian Bishops is perhaps better known as Lidzbark Warminski castle, which is a reference to the town in which the castle is located. Information on opening hours and ticket prices can be found on the museum’s website.