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Get yourself an upcycled outfit at Gabarage

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Everything and everybody deserve a second chance.” Claudia, Gabarage

Visiting the Gabarage store will feel like like being Alice in Wonderland 2.0. You’ll sit on couches made of trash bins, see flowers in vases that used to be pins in a room that’s lit by what used to be traffic lights. It’s not a dream!

At Gabarage everything and everybody get a second chance. The design store works with materials that people throw away. They don’t recycle, they upcycle! The concept of recycling is well-known: trash is transformed back into raw materials to be used again. Upcycling takes another track. Out of the things that are thrown away new goods get produced that have a higher value or quality than the original. Like this, Gabarage extends the product life cycle of the starting product and less raw material has to be produced. Take this, throw-away society!

Besides upcycling, Gabarage also helps people to start on a new path towards a new life. They employ people who’ve been through drug-addiction and provide them with the support they need to re-integrate into the labour market. This is social responsibility! The employees manufacture goods of all kinds: jewellery, interior design items, furniture, and whatever clients wish to have produced.

We couldn’t resist and just HAD to buy something in this shop. A nice souvenir from a lovely city and a store with a big heart. Visit them in Schleifmühlgasse in Vienna or have a look at their online shop!

Practical Information

Find Gabarage at Schleifmühlgasse 6, Vienna (coordinates: 48°11’50.2″N 16°21’54.9″E). Opening hours, philosophy and online shop at garbarage.at.