54.4416° N • 18.5601° E

Get the surreal vibes from the Krzywy Domek in Sopot

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Salty memories and sandy feet: that’s Sopot. A perfect place for a peaceful day at the seaside.

Before enjoying a well-deserved rest on the beautiful beach, we invite you to look for “Krzywy Domek”, the Crooked House, a weird-shaped beige house split in two by a glass structure. Your vision is not playing tricks on you! This surreal cartoonish house inspired by children’s fairy tales and Gaudi’s architecture was built by two Polish architects in 2004.

Going down the street, you will eventually reach the longest pier in Europe, a wooden construction stretching out into the sea. Enjoy this inspiring spot, listening to the waves or watching the impressive cruise-ships docking nearby. Now you can go back to the beach and take a refreshing dip in the Baltic sea!

Be brave and don’t think twice about the coldness of the water, just do it!

Practical Information

Sopot (coordinates: 54.4416° N, 18.5601° E) is located 15 km northwest from Gdansk and can be reached from there by public transport.

Crooked house or Krzywy Domek as it is called in Polish, is part of a shopping centre and hosts restaurants and shops – if you just dare to take the entrance!