52.5421° N • 13.0591° E

Get the safari experience just outside Berlin, at Doberitzer Heide

Into the wild

The Doberitzer Heide nature area is completely different from any other place in Europe. The area was first used for military training in 1713 and was later occupied by the Red Army for firing and explosive purposes. Today, nature has reclaimed its rights. As the natural reserve was inaccessible for years, the fauna and flora of this place have remained untouched and in good state of preservation. But hey! Avoid stepping on any of the metallic objects you find on your way and don’t even think about touching them, as there are still dangerous military munitions scattered around the area.

Still, you can expect to be “blown away”, but in the good sense of the term: bisons, wild horses, and other wild animals will appear before you. Make sure you bring your binoculars, comfortable clothing and mosquito repellent with you. One last tip: after the coolest safari ever, organise a picnic inside the park!

Hold on strongly to the safari van while driving into the Natural Reserve because you will bump along the way!

Practical Information

Döberitzer Heide (coordinates: 52°29′53″N, 13°2′44″E) located 25 km from Berlin and can be reached by public transport from there. Visitors can hike on specified areas covered with 55 km of hiking trails. Here you can download the map and information package for the hiking trails.