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Get lost in the Finnish forest

Get active, Into the wild

More than 70% of Finland is covered by forests so it is no wonder that the Finns share a special bond with these wooded areas. Anyone residing in, or visiting, Finland has the explicit right to roam the countryside and visit these amazing landscapes.

You’re really never far from a forest in Finland, and by default, never far from frisbees. Yes, we were slightly confused by this too… Frisbees are not immediately linked to the forest in most people’s minds. But here in Finland, there’s nothing quite like getting out to nature and throwing that frisbee around.

So much is this the norm here, that a new sport has been developed, along the lines of golf, but using frisbees! Frisbee golf, or Disc Golf as it is called, even has dedicated ‘courses’ in the forest for you follow, made up of several fairways, or tees from which you throw, and goal baskets you have to aim for.

It may sound a little out there, but it’s great fun, challenging, and a fantastic way to get back to nature.  

Practical Information

Read more about the Everyman’s rights and forests here. Let’s roam!

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