47.3824° N • 2.2004° W

Get lost in the Brière Regional Nature Park

Get active, Into the wild

Wild birds really like the sound of their own voices, so this park is all about listening out for those beautiful songs.

The Brière Regional Nature Park is famous for its unique biodiversity: endangered species of birds, otters and even Shetland ponies. Are you a nature lover who can stay quiet for a few minutes? Then this park is a must see!

Wild birds can breed and rest in the park. And you can spot them! It’s not just animals that thrive here.. Look out for water lilies and yellow irises among the many plants that call Brière home But always have an eye on the ground. The whole park is a wetland and parts of it are flooded. Don’t forget to wear rubber boots!

You can easily spend two days in the park walking around and exploring the labyrinth of canals and islands with a special flat-bottomed boat. You plan a visit in winter? Go for it, but be prepared! During this time most parts of the park are only accessible by boat.

Since July 2018 a newly developed app “Immersion en Brière” is available for your visit. It helps you to not get lost and to recognise the plant and animal life. We were there before the app came out. So try it out and tell us about it!

It looks like the place where I grew up in the Netherlands. There is the same soil and the same birds in this park. It felt like home!

Practical Information

Brière Regional Nature Park (coordinates: 47.3691°N 2.259°W) is located 80 km from Nantes. Easiest way to reach the park is by your own car.

To visit the park we recommend you to explore it by boat, foot or cycling. Don’t forget your boots, binoculars and your cellphone – for the app and some spectacular photos!