46.088122° N • 18.234462° E

Get as wild as nature in the Duna-Drava National Park

Get active, Into the wild

See how nature is at its best when it controls itself!

Upon arrival, pay a visit to the Green Point Office of Duna-Dráva National Park. There you will be provided with all the information you need to spend a special time in the park. You will learn things like: “Duna” is the Hungarian word for Danube.

The park covers about 50 000 hectares along the river. We jumped into a boat to discover the park from the water and to follow the Danube once more. Suddenly a massive fish jumped against our boat. We were told that it even happens that they jump into the boat. Holy fish! We were glad that the one we met was apparently not athletic enough. Super athletic were the wild boars that we saw crossing the river. We never witnessed something like this before. Really cool experience! Later on we even saw butterflies that change their colour. Nature is always surprising!

Humans have influenced the park and its waters in the past. This led to a damaged eco-system. Over the last few years, the whole area has been rehabilitated to its natural state. Now it is a paradise for everything that flies, creeps or crawls: grass-snakes, European pond turtles, black storks and white-tailed eagles. What we couldn’t spot? The wild cats living around this area. Unlike us, they are active during the night. At this time we were already dreaming of this wonderful day we had spent in the nature.

The park is heaven for photography lovers. All you need is your camera and a big bag full of patience…!

Practical Information

Duna-Drava National Park is located over 200 km from Budapest, but to start your visit at the Green Point calculate your direction according to following coordinates: 46.088122N, 18.234462E.

Information about things to see, routes to take and even accommodation to consider can be found from the National park’s website. Check also the tours for photography there.