38.7804° N • 9.4989° W

Gaze at the ocean from the westernmost point on the European continent

Time travel, Into the wild, Unforgettable sceneries

Have a look at the ocean, look further and further, nothing can stop your eyes. Now you wonder: what’s beyond the horizon?

Standing at the edge of the westernmost point of the European continent, Cabo da Roca, you’ll immediately feel like you want to see more of the world. Great explorers have contemplated the ocean from this point here before us, wondering what might be behind it. Magellan, Columbus and da Gama sailed the sea to find this out.

Since we’re not great explorers (yet), we preferred to hop into our van and explore the world from the land side.

Enjoy this view! What you find beyond the ocean will be your inspiration for big adventures.

Keep in mind what former navy captain and map expert Joaquim Alves Gaspar told us: Don’t rely on maps but make your own according to your own purposes!

Practical Information

Cabo da Roca (coordinates: 38°46′51″N 9°30′2″W) can be reached from the city of Sintra by public transport – all doable within a day from Lisbon, though we recommend to take your time!