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Gaze at the breathtaking majestic Vaarlam Monastery in Meteora, Greece

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When you stand in front of a rock that is hundreds of meters high and you decide to build a monastery on it: where do you start? How do you get the material up? The monasteries in Meteora are impressive. We still cannot believe that humans actually built this.

Coming straight from Athens we needed some nature. You too? Then go and visit the second largest monastery in Meteora, the Vaarlam Monastery. Instead of parking in front of the monastery, park further down the street and take the footpath that leads you through the beautiful forest up to the entrance of the monastery. This walk will immerse you in this stunning UNESCO World Heritage site.

Inside the monastery, on top of the steep rock, an infinitely beautiful view awaits you. Sit down on a bench and spot the other monasteries in the distance. You won’t feel like you need to see more after that,  but you should definitely take a walk through the monastery buildings. Take the steps behind the little shop and find the answer to the question: how did they get all that material up there?

You want to know more? Ask the monks!

We drove straight from vibrant and lively Athens to the Monastery. We stepped out of the car, we walked into the forest and suddenly… there was silence. Nothing but silence. It was a magical moment to be in this beautiful and quiet nature.

Practical Information

Meteora (coordinates: N39 43 0.012 E21 37 59.988) and the closest towns nearby Kalambaka and Kastraki, can be reached from the major towns Athens and Thessaloniki by car, train or bus. Once in Meteora you can reach the monasteries on hiking or by renting a vehicle.

The monasteries can be visited independently or as part of organised tours that are available online and onsite. Visits are subject to small entry fees. Remember also that monasteries have strict dress codes.