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Find your way along the coastal part of the Camino de Santiago

On the move, Get active

Are you a real explorer who decided to walk the Camino de Santiago? Then get off the main track to Santiago. Discover the less famous but equally beautiful pathways!

On the Coastal part of the Camino de Santiago path in Portugal you can enjoy your walk close to the ocean in a quiet atmosphere. You’ll cross charming villages and cities such as Vila do Conde – one of the oldest known human settlements in Northern Portugal.

During your walk along the coast look out for shells, but.. not the real ones. Although you will find beautiful ones on the beach, you should pay more attention to the ones on street signs: those are your guide to Santiago.

If you prefer to check the way on your smartphone, you can download the app that the municipalities along the Portuguese Camino de Santiago path have developed together. The app  will guide you, give you tips and information about special landmarks indicated on the map. You need a pharmacy or a supermarket? This app will be incredibly useful!

When you are crossing Vila do Conde, have a look at the rounded houses. Why no corners? Well, there is a Portuguese saying that goes: the devil hides behind a corner. No corner, no devil. Easy!

Practical Information

For all the practical information to prepare your Camino see the Portuguese Coastal Way website, and download the app.

Starting from Porto and reaching to Valença, the Portuguese way is 150 kms long and takes approximately a week to walk. However, Santiago de Compostela is still 100 kms away from Valença – but don’t give up, the shell-shaped symbol will guide you all the way to the city of Santiago.