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Find the source of the Danube River

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Where would you search for the source of a river?

In beautiful Donaueschingen we had some hard times to find this out. We finally found the source next to the old castle, enclosed in a pretty stone basin. The water in the basin looks so crystal clear and inviting… and has a constant temperature of around 8 degrees. So you better look for a warmer spot to swim! But if you need a bit of luck for your upcoming travels, you are at the right spot. Turn your back to the water, take your left hand and throw a coin over your right shoulder into the water! Lucky times, here we come!

You smart reader, you wonder how a source can appear out of nowhere in the middle of a city, right? The Danube source is a karst spring, the end of a water-filled cave system. This spring is seen as the river’s historic source. However, the Danube river only comes alive officially where the Danube stream (starting in this source) meets the Brigach and Breg rivers.

In Donaueschingen we were told that the Danube is the only river in the world flowing through four capital cities. We followed it all the way and found out: they said the truth!

Practical Information

Wait! If you want to play hide-and-seek, get to know the city and engage with the locals to find the source source of Danube on your own, don’t read further!

Located right next to the Prince of Fürstenberg’s palace the source of the Danube River is within walking distance from downtown Donaueschingen. While then entrance is free, check the opening hours before the visit on the city’s website.