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Find Antwerp’s not-to-be-missed spots, selected by our traveller Louis

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I’m Louis, RTP traveller along the Mediterranean route.

I come from Antwerp, Belgium, and I love my city. That’s why I compiled this little article to share top three favourite places with you – so we can hang out!

Think Twice

Number one: Think Twice

Located at 21, Lange Klarenstraat, that’s the my favourite second-hand store in town, where I buy a lot of my clothes. There are actually 4 of them in Antwerp, but this one somehow always displays the best collection. Also, I have to admit, the other shops have the kind of smell that remind me of kindergarten uniforms. Or perhaps that’s just me. In any case, all Think Twice shops have nice, second-hand clothes, but the ones in Lange Klarenstraat are the best if you like urban and alternative fashion.


Number two: Falafel tof

I love eating at Falafel Tof. The reason I love this place so much is that I’ve been vegan for a while now and they serve a fantastic falafel sandwich, which is 100% vegan. Also, their food is just generally delicious, which isn’t even the best part. If you order a pita falafel, you get pita bread with hummus, on top of which you can choose as many toppings as you like. They have a dedicated salad & toppings counter with a large variety of ingredients!


Number three: Labi Barbershop

My third and last location I’d like to share with you, is actually a place and the person that comes with it. It’s called Labi Barbershop. It’s a mix between a thrift shop, a shoe shop and a barbershop. The owner is Uncle Labi, a very sociable 30-something who loves hip-hop. And you can feel that! Every time you walk into the shop, you’re welcomed by loud hip-hop tunes playing on the radio. His whole wall is decorated with a huge collection of the greatest old school rap EP’s of all time. Uncle Labi changes his shop’s interior every month, which makes you feel like the place itself is alive. Pop in just to have a chat, or a drink!

There are three things that I really love and that Antwerp can offer me: clothes, food and hip-hop.

Practical Information

There are 4 Think Twice shops in Antwerp. the one mentioned in this article is the one in Lange Klarenstraat. Follow their Facebook page for their opening hours and fashion updates!

Falafel Tof is located at 32, Hoogstraat, a 3-minute walk from the main square. They’re open from Tuesday to Saturday, so make sure you check your calendar before popping in!

Labi Barbershop is located at 76, Koepoorstraat. labiantwerp.com


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