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Find a kiosk of fresh fruit on the road

Like a local, Taste!

You know the feeling of wishing for something so badly and suddenly… Boom! Your dream comes true, and it is there. Best feeling ever, right?

When we were on a bike ride in Slovakia, completely exhausted by the heat, we couldn’t think of anything else than eating some fresh fruit that would fill our dehydrated bodies with water and sugar.

We must have been very good at visualising, because suddenly, out of nowhere, a fruit kiosk selling huge watermelons appeared on our path. The first bite was the best one. This was such a tiny moment but one that we enjoyed a lot.

If you’re travelling around in Slovakia, keep your eyes open for kiosks that sell fresh fruit. They are always worth a stop!

Enjoy the moment!

Practical Information

You’re more likely to find small kiosks, fruit or cheese stands selling local delicacy at low prices next to smaller roads and towns. To get even more into the local vibe learn the names of some of the fruits in local language!